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Manny Reviews: Guys in Tall White Tees

Friday, October 13, 2006
In starting this review site, I wanted to look at the art form of review and criticism through a different perspective. Most people who have review sites and the such happen to be fat loser pieces of shit who have nothing better to do than to proclaim the greatness of various garbage George Romero movies. Dawn of the Dead, etc. are movies that suck ass. Get your hand off your fat encased button dick and try losing weight shit heads...

I Digress

Anyway, as far as this review site goes, I'm thinking outside the box, which brings me to this: Guys in White Tall Tees are the one of the stupidest FuX on earth. Here's why

The tall white tee originated as those long pajama tops that women used to sport during their slumber. Yes, those drapes that niggas wear are fuckin batas (thats a spanish word for you white devils). Not only is the attire retarded, it pushes the limits of just how much someone can resemble the sail of a boat. A skinny fellow like the cracka ass cracka pictured can usually wear something along the size of XXL, however a big fat fuckin crunchy nigga like this dude has to steal a parachute and somehow assemble a t-shirt out of it. If you closely at the tag of the shirt that he's sportin, you can see a Lockheed Martin logo on the back.

The pants usually have to match the billowing largesse of the t-shirt above it, creating pants so baggy they would make MC Hammer say "Hey, those pants are fuckin baggy as a motherfucker".

If you want shorts, you have to resort to capri-esque jeans which to top things off, are extremely gay. On the feet of these dick licking dumbfucks, you'll see a new pair of jordans, which they talk about with way too much enthusiasm. Sample: "Oh SHIT SON YOU GOT THE NEW FIVES HOLY FUCKIN SHIT NIGGA I CAN'T EVEN BELIEVE THAT SHIT, DID YOU SPEND YOUR WHOLE WELFARE CHECK ON THEM? YOU DID? OH SHIT NIGGA, I WAS GONNA SPEND IT ON CHILD SUPPORT FOR MY 18 CHILDREN BUT FUCK THAT SHIT NIGGA I'M GETTIN DEM FUCKIN SNEAKAS"

Along with ridonkolously large fuckin clothing, these folks posess ignorant ass attitudes and are often seen with a disgusting fuckin hood rat who looks like an overstuffed rotten burrito thats had one too many dicks in the mouth/ass/pussy/ear. So the grade I give to white tee sporting heads of dick is : F

Hey Welcome

Hey everyone, welcome to my new blog/site, whatever the hell, um basically I just review Sh!t that I watch or listen to, adding my own perspective to whatever it may be. It may be television, movies or music, you just never know.